Borrow Wisdom from Others

 Alleviating one’s anxiety and depression can seem like a daunting task. It is not the easiest concept to grasp, so please don’t make the same mistake that I made when I started out on my own journey by thinking that I could do it all by myself. By seeking out wisdom from the people who have walked this road before you, you will help yourself immensely.

Wisdom, and sometimes even inspiration, can come from different places. I like going to quotes when I need a little help. I have strategically placed quotes in many different places, so I am always reading something to snap me back into the present moment if I have fallen out of it. When we are present, we aren’t anxious and we can take a closer look at the other emotions that might be present within us.

When your find your focus drifting to the events of the world around you, look to those who came before us and have tackled similar issues. What was their wisdom? How did they find their way through trying...

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3 Foods to Help with Anxiety by Dannie De Novo


Almonds can help reduce anxiety by increasing your levels of magnesium and Vitamin E. Magnesium helps you raise your serotonin levels, which helps regulate your mood and Vitamin E has been found to help prevent anxiety.

If you don’t like eating almonds, you can always drink a little almond milk or put some in your latte, but honestly, if you grind them up you can easily add some to cereal, yogurt, or you can get them in your…


Dark Chocolate

Research indicates that the flavonols found in dark chocolate increase blood flow to the brain and enhance signaling pathways. A better-functioning brain means you are better able to cope with stress and anxiety. It also helps you learn and be more productive.

And if you are one of those people who reaches for food as a coping mechanism for anxiety and depression (a behavior I hope you will work on changing) then consider grabbing some dark chocolate. It is better for your body than milk chocolate, and unlike other...

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