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Anxiety Relief Coloring Books  by Dannie De Novo

Coloring is one of my favorite meditations. It is also soothing and aids in anxiety and stress relief. I put together these beautiful coloring books for kids and adults to enjoy while also relaxing the mind and body.

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Anxiety Relief Kits

Anxiety and Stress Relief that you can take with you everywhere.

Adult & Child Anxiety Relief Kits

Zodiac Characteristics Latte Mugs

Click below to see all 12 Zodiac signs.

A super fun way to start your morning!

Zodiac Latte Mugs

Dannie De Novo -

TV Happiness Expert

Looking for some quick happiness hacks?

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Need a little pep in your step?

Let's face it--sometimes this human thing can be hard. For some quick tips and pick-me-ups, check out Dannie on YouTube.

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