Borrow Wisdom from Others

 Alleviating one’s anxiety and depression can seem like a daunting task. It is not the easiest concept to grasp, so please don’t make the same mistake that I made when I started out on my own journey by thinking that I could do it all by myself. By seeking out wisdom from the people who have walked this road before you, you will help yourself immensely.

Wisdom, and sometimes even inspiration, can come from different places. I like going to quotes when I need a little help. I have strategically placed quotes in many different places, so I am always reading something to snap me back into the present moment if I have fallen out of it. When we are present, we aren’t anxious and we can take a closer look at the other emotions that might be present within us.

When your find your focus drifting to the events of the world around you, look to those who came before us and have tackled similar issues. What was their wisdom? How did they find their way through trying times? Knowing that you aren’t alone in your feelings is helpful, and having the ability to rely on past wisdom of those who lived through the experience and learned from it will serve as a solid base for the belief in yourself.

Don’t discount the little nuggets of wisdom that drop from out of nowhere, sometimes from the wisest of all. The other day, while feeling a bit of stress and anxiety, I fell out of the present moment, and began acting like the anxiety had gotten the better of me. I said something out of frustration when I was around my daughter, who stopped, turned toward me with a slight frown, and said “Yeah, but mommy, how lucky we are to have all this love, all around us.” Nothing like pure gratitude oozing from your own offspring to make you realize you were focused on the thoughts in your head instead of the present moment.

So now, when I am feeling anxious, I borrow her wisdom and tell myself how much I am loved, and refocus my energy on the good things in my life.


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