Get in a Good Mood & Stay There

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Mirror Child Coaching

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Happiness is so much more than smiling all day long...'s a sense of peace,'s living out your true purpose,'s feeling connected, energized, worthy, and fulfilled!

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Get in a Good Mood & Stay There

Online Video Course

Join me on a 6 week journey to uncover true fulfillment, self-love, and happiness!

This is a course that I designed from the principles of my international bestselling book Get in a Good Mood & Stay There.

During your 6 weeks working alongside me, you will learn:

  • how to hold an astounding amount of gratitude in your heart;
  • how to forgive yourself and the past;
  • how to find your passion and purpose in life;
  • great ways to shift from feelings of anxiety, doubt, worry, and fear into feelings of happiness, peace, prosperity, and love.


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Get in a Good Mood & Stay There Online Course

Mirror Child...

...a revolutionary coaching system developed by Dannie De Novo dedicated to helping parents understand and manage their children's behavior, anxiety, and level of happiness.

Mirror Child - Video 1

Show me an anxious kid, and I will show you an anxious parent.

Video 1

Mirror Child - Video 2

Understanding your children's behavior, anxiety, and level of happiness.

Video 2

Mirror Child - Video 3

The dangers of the silent treatment.

Video 3

Mirror Child - Video 4

Helping your kid (and yourself).

Video 4

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