Samanthaā€™s absence from SATC reboot mimics exactly what is wrong with our country

In a somewhat recent announcement, Sex and the City fans happily heard that the series was gearing up for a later-in-life reboot. This news garnered great delight and praise; however, that excitement flattened when SATC devotees learned that the Samantha Jones character, the genuine “sex” in Sex and the City who helped form the SATC legacy, would not be returning for this particular run.

It has been rumored that Sarah Jessica Parker, who spearheads the series with the role of Carrie Bradshaw, and Kim Cattrall (the actress who portrays Samantha) have difficulty getting along. And while I appreciate that situation might make working together problematic, I find it hard to swallow that a personal disagreement has diminished a highly valued television series from one of brilliance into a show now lacking integrity, continuity, and quite frankly, magic all because two people cannot set aside their personal differences (while pretending to individuals other than themselves)...

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