3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Heart Rate When Feeling Anxious or Stressed by Dannie De Novo

3 Easy Ways to Lower Your Heart Rate When Feeling Anxious or Stressed by Dannie De Novo


#1 Exercise

The easiest way to lower your heart rate is to do regular exercise—“regular” being the operative word. It’s also the most effective way as the benefits continue much longer than the actual exercise is taking place.


#2 Keep your body hydrated

When your body is dehydrated, your heart has to work harder to keep the blood flowing throughout your body. This just makes your body feel more stressed. Blood pressure and heart rate go hand in hand. So, drink your water and…


#3 Limit caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants

Stimulants can cause dehydration, which we want to avoid. They also “stimulate” the sympathetic nervous system and increase blood pressure and your breathing rate, which adds more stress to your heart.  Stay away from the stimulants before bed and before exercise.

And, while you’re at it, limit...

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3 Ways to Show Yourself Love Post Pandemic

The pandemic kicked us in the #&%. Let’s be honest. We could all use a little self-love and pick-me-up…so here are 3 ways to show yourself some love post pandemic…


#1 Write yourself a love letter

Who better to appreciate yourself…well, than yourself? Grab yourself a nice frozen Marg and sit down with a fancy notepad and pen. Spend just 20 short minutes listing all the reasons why you love yourself and all the ways you make the lives of others around you better. Give yourself genuine compliments. Don’t be stingy! You will see that you contribute much more than you thought and that you deserve to be loved, recognized, and appreciated!

#2 Indulge a little

That’s right! It is finally time to enjoy yourself again! Eat that slice of pie for dessert or have some wine. Stay out late. Go outside and meet people (smartly, of course). Go to the spa. Buy yourself that extra special gift you have been craving all year long. Appreciate the good...

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